Guns, Tanks, Bombs – They’re Like Toys Against Them!

Posted: 03/09/2013 in 1953

war of the worlds

The main question I keep getting regarding Byron Haskin’s War of the Worlds is, “Was it at least entertaining?”  I think the answer to that question is yes for the most part.  First of all, let’s be very clear, aside from some nice cinematography and some cool special effects, War of the Wars is not an awards contender by any means.  The story quite simple to follow.  The actors are wooden, and honestly there is not much to cheer for.  Sometimes at leasts antagonists can entertain when the heroes don’t deliver, but honestly I did not find myself caring for either side when it was all over.  If this film gets remembered at all, it may be for some of the pretty visuals.  Even there, however, there is nothing incredibly ground-breaking.  War of the Worlds therefore gets to step into a line of films that I’m glad I saw, but I highly doubt I will make an effort to see again.

**1/2 ~AOS


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