Is There a Mr. Texaco?

Posted: 20/01/2014 in 1953

how to marry a millionaire

Plain and simple, I’ve lost my patience for films like this.  Jean Negulesco’s How to Marry a Millionaire (his second film this year) is in credibly sexist, a bit racist in spots, and just all around ridiculous.  There is no doubt that there is a market for this type of film, but it is not for me.  I had enough after Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but having to deal with a double dose of Marilyn Monroe’s antics this year, coupled with a useless Betty Grable and a rather unlikable Lauren Bacall led me to want to avoid and boycott shallow comedies like this one for the rest of the year.  Hollywood, please stop making films like this.

** ~AOS


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