A Man Oughta Do What He Thinks is Right

Posted: 24/01/2014 in 1953


Let’s just get right to the point, we’ve seen better westerns than this during this particular year.  For a film that was propped us as a major awards contender this year, John Farrow’s Hondo left me ultimately disappointed.  John Wayne was never really an actor who portrayed characters that I could connect with, and this film really is no different.  Geraldine Page has gotten quite a bit of attention ahead of this film, but even in an year with little to offer in terms of female supporting roles, Miss Page is overshadowed by much juicier roles this year.

Here’s the bottom line on Hondo:  Shane is overwhelmingly more prestigious, heartfelt, and important.  The Naked Spur gave us so much more wit and ambiguity to chew on, despite its flaws in the final act.  Hondo, as a film in general, and as a western in particular, failed to give us anything fresh to enjoy and supplement those other films.  It’s not a bad film, it’s just not going to contribute anything to your life on the other end.

**1/2 ~AOS


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